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Featured Objects

President of Touro Infirmary with National Guard

Les Hirsch, President of Touro Infirmary, with members of the National Guard preparing to reopen ED services.

Infant from Touro Infirmary Evacuated

An infant is handed to the rescue team for evacuation.

George W. Bush - art from debris

[Artwork] Presidential Silhouettes: George W. Bush (Pancake House) Wood, 26" x 40" Skylar Fein, 2006. This piece of art was created from wood debris from Katrina.

Lamp made of hurricane debris

When I came back to New Orleans, after the hurricane, the only thing to be be found was the occasional Red Cross truck and trash. Lots and lots of trash, mountains of trash. What is one to do with so much trash? What do we make of tragedy? Art. This lamp is made of a propane cylinder, a weight from a barbell and a gas manifold, all found on the streets of the upper 9th ward, near my house. I have since made lots of art from the debris. The pieces have been in several shows, including a...