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'Days of Caring & Sharing' - Gary Lipman

This article, by Gary Lipman, is from the Jewish Community Center Association ‘Days of Caring & Sharing’ project. Gary was one of several participants to write about his experiences as part of the project, which involved JCCA board members and executive directors in January, 2007. The group witnessed some of the destruction still present in New Orleans 16 months after the storm, visited the badly damaged Beth Israel synagogue, and cleaned a YWCA building ruined by Hurricane Katrina.

Shabbaton in Baton Rouge

This is an article from the website of the Texas Friends of Chabad Lubavitch,, titled "Shabbaton in Baton Rouge." This article describes the efforts of Daniel Gavin and Mendel Traxler to provide kosher food and a Shabbat atmosphere for Jewish relief workers in Baton Rouge in the weeks immediately following Hurricane Katrina.

Parashat Beshalach 5767 - NOLA: A Story of Hope and Rebirth

This sermon, titled "NOLA: A Story of Hope and Rebirth" for Parashat Beshalach 5767, was written by Rabbi Jason Miller of Congregation Agudas Achim, a Conservative synagogue in Columbus, Ohio. At the end of January 2007, Rabbi Miller traveled to New Orleans with 34 other Conservative rabbis for a Rabbinical Assembly Mission.

Shabbat in Baton Rouge 2

Daniel Gavin joined Mendel Traxler to spend Shabbos in Baton Rouge to supply kosher food and a Shabbos environment for the many rescue and relief workers on the ground there. This photograph is from the website of the Texas Friends of Chabad Lubavitch,