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Destroyed House in Lakeview

House in Lakeview destroyed by the flooding waters from the 17th Street canal breach. Photograph taken by Paula Picker in October, 2005.

Neighborhood Across from 17th Street Canal Breach

Neighborhood directly across the street from the 17th Street canal breach. Photograph by Paula Picker, October 2005.

Outside Beth Israel Synagogue

This photograph, taken by Paula Picker, shows the outside of Beth Israel Synagogue in the Lakeview section of New Orleans, which was destroyed by the 17th Street Canal breach.

17th Street Canal Levee Breach

This photograph of the 17th Street Canal levee breach was taken by Paula Picker in November/December 2005.

Rosen Katrina Report 7

This is the seventh of 11 Katrina Reports written by William W. Rosen of New Orleans. This report is dated November 30, 2005 and is titled "Thanksgiving, Lee Circle And The Costliest Engineering Mistake In American History." This report is about Thanksgiving in New Orleans. William visits different areas of the city and talks about the levees.