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Hurricane Katrina Journal

This is Janice Jucker's journal of her experiences volunteering with Hurricane Katrina evacuees in Houston's Astrodome. Jucker, a Houston resident, was part of a volunteer team that set up technology for Hurricane Katrina evacuees staying at the Astrodome. Her team provided phones and technology to enable evacuees to find family and friends displaced by the hurricane.

Students Write from Houston

This is a blog entry titled “Students Write from Houston.” The entry was posted to the Bronfman Center’s blog,, on September 6, 2005. Students from New York University’s Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life were among the first volunteers to help after Hurricane Katrina. A group of eight NYU students and two Bronfman Center staff members traveled to Houston to assist evacuees from New Orleans at the Astrodome and Convention center. The group did everything from...

Chabad Hurricane Relief Blog - September

This is a collection of entries from the Chabad Lubavitch of Louisiana blog titled "Chabad Hurricane Relief," from These blog entries are dated from 9/1/2005 to 9/29/2005. They contain updates on the whereabouts of now-scattered members of the New Orleans Jewish community and describe visiting Katrina refugees housed at the Houston Astrodome, volunteering in Baton Rouge and The Mississippi Gulf Coast, and hosting Jewish events in the different cities to...

Reaction & Rescue: Saving Lives

This is an article titled "Reaction & Rescue: Saving Lives." This article was published on the Chabad Lubavitch of Lousiana website,, and describes Chabad's relief efforts in New Orleans during and immediately after Hurricane Katrina.

Astrodome 1

This is a photograph from the Chabad Lubavitch of Lousiana website, Volunteers from Chabad traveled to the Houston Astrodome after Hurricane Katrina to help refugees of the storm.