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Photo of Zachary and Benjamin Breaux

These are photos of Zachary and Benjamin Breaux. Zachary was born days before Hurricane Katrina hit, and his family was forced to evacuate without him. A few days later, the hospital nursery also had to evacuate and the Breauxs could not locate him. They were reunited a few days later in Fort Worth, TX.

Photo Zachary and Benjamin Breaux

This is a photo of Zachary and Benjamin Breaux, sons of Tad and Lainie Breaux. Zachary was born days before Hurricane Katrina and his parents had to evacuate to Houston without him. Later, the hospital nursery had to be evacuated to Fort Worth. Several days went by where the Breauxs did not know the location of their son. They were happily reunited in Fort Worth.

Photos of Zachary Breaux

These are two photos of Zachary Breaux. In the first one, he is with his brother dressed up for Thanksgiving. In the second, Zachary is with his mother, Lainie, drinking from a kiddish cup.