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Beth Israel Torah Presentation Program

This is the program from the new Torah dedication ceremony for Beth Israel Congregation. Beth Israel's seven torah scrolls were ruined by Katrina, and Hayley Fields, a teenager from California, raised money to purchase a new Torah for the congregation.

Nightly Update from Jacobs' Camp

This is an update from Jonathan Cohen, Director of the URJ Jacobs Camp, titled "Nightly Update from Jacobs." This update was published on the Union for Reform Judaism Website,, on September 2nd, 2005. This is one of a series of daily updates that Cohen wrote describing the daily volunteer efforts taking place at Jacobs Camp in Utica, Mississippi.

An update on our Congregations

This is an update from Rabbi Eric Yoffie, the President the Union of Reform Judaism, titled "An update on our Congregations." This update was published September 16th, 2005, on the Union of Reform Judaism Website, It describes the impact of Hurricane Katrina on the Reform synagogues in the New Orleans area as well as the ongoing relief efforts.

Hayley Fields at the Beth Israel Torah Dedication Ceremony

This photograph was taken by Donna Matherne at the Torah dedication ceremony at Beth Israel Congregation. Since Katrina, Beth Israel Congregation has been holding their services in their own hall at Congregation Gates of Prayer in Metairie, Louisiana. The Torah is being carried through the neighborhood, from the Chabad Center two blocks away to Congregation Gates of Prayer. The girl in the photograph is Hayley Fields, a teenager from Century City Young Israel Congregation in Los Angeles, who...

Beth Israel Torah Ceremony

This is an article by Gail Chalew, which describes the Torah dedication ceremony at Congregation Beth Israel. The synagogue was flooded from Katrina and the seven torah scrolls were ruined. A girl from California, Hayley Fields, decided to raise money to buy the synagogue a new Torah, and on August 27, 2006, there was a ceremony to celebrate the new Torah. This article appeared in Deep South Jewish Voice.