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Hurricane Katrina - An Adventure Not To Be Forgotten

I was recently interviewed for "Katrina's Jewish Voices" by Rosalind Hinton who encourged after the interview to submit my written story and so here it is.

The Littlest Refugees

This is an article featured in Nurse Week on March 13, 2006 and includes a section about the Breaux family. Lainie Breaux gave birth to Zachary days before Hurricane Katrina hit. The family was forced to evacuate without the newborn who remained in neonatal intensive care. Later, the hospital was evacuated too and the Breaux family spent a few nerve-wracking days not knowing the whereabouts of Zachary. They were happily reunited in Fort Worth, TX.

Angel Flight Reunites Family Separated During Hurricane Katrina

This is an article featured in the Angel Flight News in Fall 2005 about the Breaux family. Days after giving birth to Zachary, Lainie and her family evacuated New Orleans but had to leave the newborn in the hospital nursery. Later, the nursery also had to be evacuated and the Breaux family did not the baby's whereabouts. Angel Flight helped fly the baby to Texas and reunite the family.

Parents Reunited with Newborn After Frantic Search

This is a link to a story that was featured on Good Morning America on September 2, 2005. This feature highlighted the plight of Lainie and Tad Breaux who were forced to evacuate New Orleans without their newborn son. After the hospital nursery was also evacuated, the Breauxs were unable to locate their son for a few terrifying days. They were happily reunited in Fort Worth TX.

Photo of Zachary and Benjamin Breaux

These are photos of Zachary and Benjamin Breaux. Zachary was born days before Hurricane Katrina hit, and his family was forced to evacuate without him. A few days later, the hospital nursery also had to evacuate and the Breauxs could not locate him. They were reunited a few days later in Fort Worth, TX.