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Beth Israel Torah Burial ceremony

Beth Israel Torah burial ceremony, March 2006. Pictured from left are past and current shul presidents Jackie and son Eddie Gothard, Rabbi Yisroel Shiff conducting the service (arms folded), and synagogue member Jack Fisher. Photograph by Paula Picker.

Beth Israel Torah Dedication, Acceptance Speech by Jackie Gothard

Jackie Gothard, Congregational President of Congregation Beth Israel, gave this acceptance speech at the Torah dedication ceremony on August 27, 2006. The ceremony dedicated a new Torah for the congregation, which lost all their Torah scrolls from Katrina. A teenager in Los Angeles, Hayley Fields, raised money to buy this new Torah for Congregation Beth Israel.

Former Secretary Helps Beth Israel

from your Friends at CONGREGATION BETH ISRAEL Following the flooding of our synagogue after Hurricane Katrina, you participated in the retrieval of our Holy Torah Scrolls, by accepting them after their removal from the water-filled Holy Arks, carefully taking them to your home, and lovingly placing them in a temporary burial place in your own backyard, in a grave personally dug by your hands. By such acts of loving-kindness, you deserve to be...