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It's All About the Government

In the beginning of this year, New Orleans and its citizens were receiving a great deal of negative press, and it was upsetting. After having a dozen or so letters to various papers published in the past, I set out to write a letter to defend New Orleans. My daughter, the real writer of the family, added to my letter, and by that time, we had a letter for a newspaper that was too long. Against my better judgement, I refused to take anything out to make it shorter and more publish-friendly. ...

Fighting Katrina Fatigue

This is an email from Larry Orlansky on December 8, 2005, about the fear of "Katrina Fatigue" - that the country is tired of hearing about the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Larry provides a link to a Washington Post guest editorial (written by the editor of the Times-Picayune) about asking the federal government to help rebuild New Orleans. At the top of the email is a response to Larry's email, which looks like it was forwarded to other people.