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Open Arms and Empty Beds

This article was published in the Atlanta Jewish Times on September 16, 2005. The article is about a couple, Phil and Judi Edwards, who run a shelter for homeless couples. They opened up their shelter early to help Katrina evcuees, but no evacuees came.

Red, White, and Blues

This is a blog entry by Nathan Rothstein, a volunteer with the Phoenix of New Orleans. This post describes the morale, outlook, and everyday struggles of residents of New Orleans during Independence Day 2006.

Katrina Aftermath: Report form Biloxi, Mississippi

"Katrina Aftermath: Report form Biloxi, Mississippi" was written by Steven J. Edelstein and was published in The Jewish Observer, a Publicaion of the Jewish Federaton of Nashville, on October 14, 2005. This article is about Steven's experience in Mississippi, where he went to interview 20-25 Jewish families from the Gulf Coast and to offer assistance. Steven J. Edelstein is executive director of the Jewish Federation of Nashville and Middle Tennessee.