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Disaster Medical Assistance Team

Dr. Kevin Jordan meets with Tlaloc Alferez, a member of the Disaster Medical Assistance Team, to discuss the reopening of Touro Infirmary.

Touro Infirmary Doctor Directs Relief Workers

Dr. Kevin Jordan directs relief workers as they arrive at Touro.

Touro Infirmary's Dr. Kevin Jordan Waits on Helipad

Dr. Kevin Jordan waits to meet with the first National Guard relief team.

Touro Infirmary Doctor Helps Evacuate Patients

Dr. Kevin Jordan works with Touro’s staff through the night to evacuate the remaining patients.

Touro Infirmary's Vice President of Medical Directory with a Member of the Medical Staff

Dr. Kevin Jordan, Vice President of Medical Directory and Chief Medical Officer, speaks with a member of Touro’s medical staff outside of the Emergency Department.