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member of the Oklahoma National Guard resting by the JCC

This is a photograph that originally appeared as part of the blog of Deep South Jewish Voice, Deep South Jewish Voice is the Jewish newspaper of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Northwest Florida. This photograph, taken on October 3, 2005, is of a member of the Oklahoma National Guard resting by the JCC. The unit was stationed at a school across the street.

Emails to Family from New Orleans, June 30-July 8, 2006

These are emails from Ilana Hurwitz to family members from June 30 to July 8, 2006. Ilana, who is a South African native, is an attorney who went to New Orleans to volunteer at the Common Ground Collective's Legal Clinic.

Touro Infirmary Emergency Department

Support teams work diligently to reopen Touro’s Emergency Department to allow repopulation of the city.

National Guard Outside Touro Infirmary

John Poumaroux, Director of Support Services at Touro Infirmary, meets with members of the National Guard outside of the Emergency Department.

President of Touro Infirmary with National Guard

Les Hirsch, President of Touro Infirmary, with members of the National Guard preparing to reopen ED services.