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New York State of Mind

This article, published in the Atlanta Jewish Times on January 13, 2006, tells the story of Josh Levine, Rita Koplin, and their family. Rita gave birth to her third child, Benjamin, on August 5th, just days after they moved into their dream house in New Orleans. When Katrina hit, they evacuated to Josh's parents in Atlanta and then moved to New York City, where they used to live.

Toby Liederman's Katrina Story

Toby Z. Liederman wrote this story about her connection to New Orleans and what she did to help after Katrina.

It's All About the Government

In the beginning of this year, New Orleans and its citizens were receiving a great deal of negative press, and it was upsetting. After having a dozen or so letters to various papers published in the past, I set out to write a letter to defend New Orleans. My daughter, the real writer of the family, added to my letter, and by that time, we had a letter for a newspaper that was too long. Against my better judgement, I refused to take anything out to make it shorter and more publish-friendly. ...

Shalom Y'all Quilt and UJA Trip Description

Susan Schrott created a quilt after a United Jewish Appeal (UJA) Mission for Teens from Westchester, NY to Baton Rouge and New Orleans. This document is a description of the trip and the quilt she created afterwards.