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Missing Dogs

This is a photo showing a house in which the SPCA of Louisiana visited. The organization spray painted the status of the dogs directly on the house. This is photo is part of a blog by Nathan Rothstein, a volunteer with Phoenix of New Orleans.

5 men, 7 dogs, and a macaw

This is a blog entry entitled "5 men, 7 dogs, and a macaw" from Rabbi Zamek's blog, This entry, from September 11th, 2005, describes Beth Shalom's efforts to place a group of evacuees along with their many pets. Rabbi Zamek is the spiritual leader of Beth Shalom Synagogue in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He and his community played an important role in relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina, hosting evacuees in congregants' homes, reuniting families separated by the storm,...

Katrina VMAT (Veterinary Medical Assistance Team) Stories

These two stories were written by Aaron M Leash, DVM, a member of FEMA’s VMAT-2 (Veterinary Medical Assistance Team), which means he is on call for emergencies and disasters involving animals. What he wrote about was human-animal interest: how people and animals dealt with the devastation, and how people ignored their own losses and discomforts to help others, and how responders often put themselves in danger to perform their duties. Also, he tried to get across to readers the human-animal...