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Education Committee Summary 2-7-07

This is a blog entry by Nathan Rothstein, who is volunteering with the Phoenix of New Orleans. He posted a summary of the Education Committee meeting held on February 7, 2007. (Summary written by Rachael Mills). The most important item on the agenda was a report from the Recovery School Board. Nathan writes a blog called "Today and Tomorrow in Tulane/Gravier."

City Council Meeting Summary 2-1-07

This is an entry from Nathan Rothstein's blog "Today and Tomorrow in Tulane/Gravier." It contains a summary of the city council meeting held on February 1, 2007. The top issues discussed were a proposed crime prevention website called NoCrime, a new pilot LRA and Small Business Recovery Grant and Loan Program, ACORNíS Peopleís Recovery Plan for the 9th Ward, and the ongoing battle between the Firefighterís Union and the city over a promised 10% pay raise for all firefighters. (Summary...