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New Orleans Newsletter

As I, Tom Oelsner, travel around the country in my motorhome named "The Oelsmobile" I send out a weekly newsletter. Currently at home in New Orleans I sent out a Holiday Edition and this contribution is a portion of that Newsletter dealing with New Orleans. It was suggested by Sam and Gert Levitan that I make this submission.

Father Vien with Recovery Plan

This photograph of Father Vien of the Mary Queen of Vietnam Catholic Church exhibiting a chart of the church's recovery plan was taken by Rick Weil on a trip to the New Orleans Vietnamese community in April, 2006.

Reconstituting Community: Varieties of Social Capital in Disaster Recovery

The following document, a proposal put forth to the National Science Foundation by Frederick D. Weil and the LSU Katrina Survey Team, is an interdisciplinary project attempting to examine the effects of Katrina on the local New Orleans community. The proposal suggests a number of ways in which the community can succeed in rebuilding the city and strengthening its people physically, emotionally, and socially.

Nathan Rothstein's January Blog entires

These are blog entries written in January 2007 by Nathan Rothstein, a volunteer with the Phoenix of New Orleans. The first entry is about a speech Edward Blakely, the appointed recovery chief, gave to the people of New Orleans on January 29, 2007 at the University of New Orleans Alumni Center. The second entry details a meeting of the Community Support Organization on January 25, 2007.