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Sermon for Yom Kippur 5768 - What this Fast is about

Rabbi Myrna Matsa wrote this sermon for Yom Kippur 5768 (2007). Rabbi Matsa is a rabbi and pastoral-trauma counselor serving in support of clergy in Mississippi, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans through a partnership between the United Jewish Communities and the New York Board of Rabbis.

"B'ruchim Haba'im: Welcome, Blessing and Light"

This is the sermon that Rabbi Andrew Busch gave at Touro Synagogue's "Welcome Home" service in January, 2006.

Rabbi Lerner Katrina Sermon

A sermon I gave the Shabbat after Katrina.

Striving To Sound the Proper Note

This is an article by Jennifer Siegel entitled “Striving To Sound the Proper Note.” The article focuses on High Holiday sermons, and what Rabbis will choose to be their focus in a year of so many difficult world events. This article originally appeared in the Forward ( on September 30, 2005, and is reprinted with permission.


This was the sermon that Rabbi Jeffrey K. Salkin delivered on the eve of Rosh Ha Shanah, 2005, at The Temple in Atlanta, Georgia.