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Chabad Hurricane Relief Blog - Happy Sukkot

This is a blog entry titled \"Happy Sukkot\" that was posted on Chabad Lubavitch of Louisiana\'s \"Chabad Hurricane Relief\" blog,, on October 19th, 2005. This entry describes Chabad\'s Sukkot celebrations at the New Orleans Chabad House, which was open for the first time post-Katrina.

Chabad Hurricane Relief Blog - October

This is a collection of entries from the Chabad Lubavitch of Louisiana blog titled "Chabad Hurricane Relief," from These blog entries are dated from 10/8/2005 to 10/19/2005. These entries describe Chabad's celebration of the High Holidays, including a Rosh Hashanah retreat held in Monroe, Louisiana and Sukkot celebrations at the newly reopened Chabad House in New Orleans.