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Kehillah Juniors Repair Housing in Waveland Mississippi

In February of 2007, the junior class of Kehillah Jewish High School in Palo Alto, California, traveled to Waveland, Mississippi, to help rebuild the city after Hurricane Katrina. This is a description the first two days of their trip, written by Jane-Rachel Schonbrun, the Director of Student Life at Kehillah.

'Days of Caring & Sharing' - Jon Weiss

This article, by Jon Weiss, is from the Jewish Community Center Association ‘Days of Caring & Sharing’ project. Jon Weiss is the executive director of Nechama – Jewish Response to Disaster, which organized the JCCA’s volunteering in New Orleans. The ‘Days of Caring and Sharing’ project involved JCCA board members and executive directors in January, 2007. The group witnessed some of the destruction still present in New Orleans 16 months after the storm, visited the badly damaged Beth Israel...

Tikkun Olam

This is a photograph of part of a quilt made by Susan Schrott after she and her older daughter participated in a United Jewish Appeal (UJA) Mission for Teens from Westchester, NY to Baton Rouge and New Orleans, April 9-11, 2006. This patch is a leaf with the words "TIKKUN OLAM" on it.