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New Orleans-Touro Synagogue

This is a photograph of the outside of Touro Synagogue in New Orleans. Courtesy of the Atlanta Jewish Times.

It Takes a Jewish Community: JF&CS comes to the rescue after Hurricane Katrina ruins wedding plans

Mike Skott and Corinne Seltzer were living in New Orleans and planning to get married at Touro Synagogue on November 5, 2005, but their plans changed when Katrina hit. They left New Orleans and ended up in Atlanta, where Mike\'s parents live. Corinne told her story at a gathering for Katrina evacuees, and JF&CS staff members were touched by her story and decided to plan her dream wedding in Atlanta. This article was published in the Atlanta Jewish Times on December 2, 2005.

Dropping Small Talk in Katrina's Wake

In this article, Audrey Galex tells the story of Bill Katz, who lives in Atlanta, and his family, the Orlansky's, in New Orleans. Bill was in New Orleans the weekend before Katrina to attend Adam Orlansky's Bar Mitzvah. This article was published in the Atlanta Jewish Times on October 14, 2005.

"B'ruchim Haba'im: Welcome, Blessing and Light"

This is the sermon that Rabbi Andrew Busch gave at Touro Synagogue's "Welcome Home" service in January, 2006.

The Restoration Confirmation Shavuot Service at Touro Synagogue

This is the program from Touro Synagogue's Shavuot service entitled "The Restoration Confirmation." The service took place on June 1, 2006. It includes writings from members of the confirmation class that discuss Hurricane Katrina and how it impacted their lives and their faith.