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Sermon for Yom Kippur 5768 - What this Fast is about

Rabbi Myrna Matsa wrote this sermon for Yom Kippur 5768 (2007). Rabbi Matsa is a rabbi and pastoral-trauma counselor serving in support of clergy in Mississippi, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans through a partnership between the United Jewish Communities and the New York Board of Rabbis.

Storm Victims Go Home for the Holiday

This is an article by Jennifer Siegel entitled “Storm Victims Go Home for the Holiday.” The article describes the much larger than expected turnout for High Holiday services in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. This article originally appeared in the Forward ( on October 21, 2005, and is reprinted with permission.

Update from MS, 10-11-05 - Nechama blog entry

This is a blog entry from Nechama: Jewish Response to Disaster ( ), a Minnesota-based volunteer organization that provides assistance to homeowners who have been affected by natural disasters. While most of Nechama’s volunteer deployments take place in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, the organization has led a number of relief trips down to the gulf coast to help rebuild homes damaged by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. This entry, titled “Update from MS, 10-11-05,,” was...

Yom Kippur 2006

This piece from Yom Kippur 2006 was written by Anne Brener, a rabbinical student who grew up in New Orleans and returned to help after Katrina. This piece was published in the Los Angeles Jewish Journal.