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Bridge to Biloxi team goes to work in East Biloxi

Bridge to Biloxi, a Concord MA interfaith group with specific ties to Kerem Shalom, First Parish, Trinitarian Congregationalist, and St Irene's Carlisle, has been doing volunteer work in East Biloxi. We have sent down volunteer teams throughout the spring, including a youth group lead by Marni Kaplan-/Earle, representing Kerem Shalom. Further, we have met with Beth Israel Synagogue in Biloxi several times to assess their needs and offer assistance. Peter Hilton personally attended one of their board meetings and also a Shabbat service. The students in Kerem Shalom Hebrew School had chosen Beth Israel as their Tsidakah project for a month last fall and collected some funds for the synagogue.

Please visit to learn more about our work. We are preparing to rebuild an individual's home in East Biloxi this fall and need to raise about $40K and find about 75 volunteers to perform this task.

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Peter Hilton, "Bridge to Biloxi team goes to work in East Biloxi." Katrina's Jewish Voices, Object #286 (March 03 2021, 9:48 am)

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