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Being in Time: A New Orleans Journal

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It's hard to explain, but surviving the hurricane in New Orleans was an experience I feel blessed to have had. Not to say that a part of me doesn't wish that I hadn't been there. Or that at least I'd been able to save my valuables. But ultimately, what I gained from the tragedy--emotionally, intellectually and spiritually--far outweighs what I lost materially.

And materially, I lost almost everything I had; everything, with the exception of my computer and the bag of clothes that I took. But the truth is that I didn't have much in the way of material goods. Besides my bed, my dresser, my bicycle and a few outfits, I really didn't have much else. No microwave, no television, nothing with any real value to the average person.

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Elanit Kayne, "Being in Time: A New Orleans Journal." Katrina's Jewish Voices, Object #307 (December 13 2018, 6:23 pm)