What are Tags?

Tagging is a new, freeform way to categorize items which is being used on a growing number of websites. A tag can refer to a general category or description, such as "Biloxi" or "synagogue," or to a concept, like "hope" or "community," or it can be more personal, "Sanford Cohen." An item can be tagged with as many, or as few tags as seems useful to you. A tag on this site can contain more than one word. Multiple tags are separated by commas.

The large collection of tags that you see on our home page, or the "browse by tags" page, is called a "tag cloud." Inside the "tag cloud," tags are displayed larger and bolder when they are used more often. Thus, you can quickly see what tags other people are using, what items they are categorizing, and which tags are most popular. Clicking on separate tag links will show you other items that share a given tag.

You can add, delete, or edit the tags that you have assigned (but not anyone else's tags) whenever you are logged in to this website. (You can read about getting a free account on our "frequently asked questions" (FAQ) page—link returns you to the main window. When viewing any specific object while logged in, you will see a list of tags (if any) already assigned to the object. You will also see a text input line in which you can enter your own tags, using commas to separate more than one. When logged in, you can also add, delete, or edit your tags from your MyArchive pages.

If you feel that someone else's tag is inappropriate, you may contact us (returns you to the main window).